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Shri Sai Parivar Samiti (Regd)

The Statue of Baba Was Placed in Sai Upvan on 12/09/2002. The four of us friends Rajkumar, Prabhat Mittal, Ashok Yadav, (Pintu) and Kuldeep on 13/09/2002 together went to visit Sai Upvan for worship of Sai Baba, We saw that thousands of leeches were on the body of Baba. We all friends went to market and purchased salt, toothpaste and a bucket and bathed Baba. From that day we take the responsibility of Sai Upvan and Baba, Rajkumar (Press Photographer) has taken the responsibility and organized Sai Upvan First Program by Saxena Bandhu,Press Photographer Association organized the Program in 2003, 2004, 2005, We and the members of association was Toshik Kardam, Mukesh Kardam, Shri Ram, Alok Rawat, Ajay Rawat, Ashok Sharma.

Shri Rajkumar went ill in 2006 due to this he left Press Photographer Association after this Sai Parivar Samiti Registerd, Sai Upvan, Ghaziabad (U.P.) had beed registered. After being registered, from that day Samiti had decided that for the program of Baba we will not take money from city or from the temple (Sai Upvan), if anyone wants to give money by his own wish, then we will accept the money. The money which collect in mandir in (Dan Peti) that comes under the area of Nagar Nigam. The duty of Sai Parivar Samiti is to do the work of Sai Baba and organizing the yearly program. There are 13 Programs in a year, and of that 2 are big programs- which are of 1st January and Guru Purnima Mahotsav. These Programs started from 2002 and till now are preventing by Saxena Bandhu only, during this duration we have organized programs of Sailabh Bansal,Prince Raju & Group,Somraj Sharma & Party,Jashn (The Rock Band),Anmol & Party and Sufi Samrat Hamsar Hayat Nizami and Shri Rambodh Maurya (I.A.S)

The inauguration of Dwarka Mai was held on 13th aug 2008 by Shri Prashant Gujjar (Advocate) (Bhojpur Block Pramukh), Chairman of Mahamedha Group Late Shri Pappu Bhati ,Counsellor Asha Sharma & Pawan Sharma had done the “Jyoti Prajawalit” on 12 Sept2008.

The Caretakers of Shri Sai Parivar Samiti’s are – Shrimati Asha Sharma, Shri Raj Kaushik, Shri Ashok Monga and Secretary Rajkumar.