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First four members who has taken responsibility for Sai Upvan Mandir under the supervision of Raj Kumar on 13-09-2002.

Prabhat Mittal
Ashok Yadav (Pintu)
Mrs. Sunita
Baby Rashmi & Palak.

Respected U.P. Home Ministers, Mayors, Nagar Nigam Officers & Sai Upvan Officers Administration.

Respected Shri Kalyan Singh ji (Ex. Chief Minister)
Sister Mayawati Ji (Ex. Chief Minister)
Sheri Rajnath Singh Ji (Home Minister)
Shree Mulayam Singh Yadav (Ex. Chief Minister)
Bahan Mayavati Ji (Ex. Chief Minister) ·
Shri Akhilesh Yadav (Chief Minister) ·
Shri Azam Khan ( Nagar Vikas Minister)
Shri Teluram Kamboj (Mayor Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad)
Municipal Commissner Shri Jitendra Singh P.C.S

We are very thankful to Shri A.K Singh Ji (Prabhari Sai Upvan ) for his Help & Support.

Present 80, Nagar Nigam Members & 10 Nominated Nagar Nigam Members.

Shri Sai Parivar Samiti (Regd) Sai Upvan Ghaziabad.

We are really so thankful to all the Chief Ministers, Ministers of UP Government and All present and Ex. Officers of Nagar Nigam Ghaziabad to give us a chance for seva of Sai Baba in Sai Upvan Ghaziabad, We hope that we will getting your Help & Support in future like we have got your Support & Help in Past. We are also Thankful to all the devotees of Sai Baba & all Members of Seva Samiti who have given the complete support to manage the Sai Upvan and we hope we will getting that support in future also. " Pratham Nimantran Patra " to Sai Baba for first programme at Sai Upvan on 2nd Jan 2003.

” Pratham Nimantran Patra" to Sai Baba for first programme at Sai Upvan on 2nd Jan 2003 ”